Hotel customer relationship management and sales process software
loaded with over 45,000 prospecting contacts.
An extensive CRM program that will in one year also become a space booking and BEO tool.

Our hotel CRM and Sales Process software is available on-line for the on-property team to maintain all sales data, contact details and the entire sales process.

The web based Hotel Sales Process software comes at no added cost to hotel members using our Hotel Virtual Sales and Marketing Team or our Hotel Virtual Revenue Management Team.

So, it is possible to eliminate the cost of running Delphi™, Daylight™, etc by utilizing our Virtual Sales and Marketing or Revenue Management Teams.

"Cloud Computing" Hotel Customer Relationship Management and Sales Process Software is a techno name for the process, a fancy phrase for "web-based software" that is accessible from anywhere that the Internet is available.

A Collection of Three, Four and Five Star hotels and resorts for which our Panetiere Sales Team represents and supports.

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